Friday, May 9, 2008

Checking In With Some Familiar Faces

A lot has been happening to some of our former subjects recently, so let's take a moment to catch up, shall we?

1. Reid Coolsaet - Though battling through an injury, Coolsaet recently announced that his club Speed River TC, is now sponsored by New Balance. In a related story, our blog - and our apartment - is still sponsored by our parents.

2. Nery Brenes - Nery tore shit up at the Jamaica International event (where Usain Bolt ran 9.76), taking 2nd in the 400 in 45.78. The Costa Rican speedster apparently ran so fast that negligient/lazybones LTOB International correspondent Jake Krong still hasn't seen him.

3. Our Crack Legal Team - At this moment, they are savoring a free catered lunch, featuring what was described in the brochure as a "resplendent spread of snack crackers and gourmet spreadable cheeses." The reason? It's to reward -- in light of recent news -- their crack legal advice regarding what we should and shouldn't write regarding to Ritz in the Kidney.

I've had my pants sued back on enough times to know when those guys deserve a free lunch, and today was that day... free lunch.... provided by yours truly.... sponsored, by our parents.

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