Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh Danny Boy...

This is a few days old, but it was glossed over or not even mentioned on some of the top running news outlets around the internets, so its worth discussing here. Daniel Lincoln, America's top steeeplechaser in the history of western civilization, is not going to race at the Olympic Trials this year because of Achilles tendon surgery. I'll take that news one step further and tell all of you that he won't be racing at the Olympics either.

For all the medal hype that Webb and Tegenkamp get, and they deserve MORE than what they get, it is interesting that Lincoln gets nothing like that. On the right day, 2006-Lincoln slips in for a bronze or silver. John McDonnel agrees, saying that if he did not have to undergo this surgery, Lincoln would be "running under 8:00." Under 8 is always in the conversation for a medal.

Most likely his lack of pub comes from not racing as much and always being busy in (pushes glasses up nose) medical school. But, I like to think the media hates him because he is over 6'2" and under 170 pounds. When will the media realize that we are out there, we are proud of our long bony frames, and we no longer are ashamed of wearing pants that stop above our ankles and shirts that show a little happy trail. For inspiration in times of media bias, we look to
our mascot, our leader, our inspiration.

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bryan said...

Daniel Lincoln should have gotten a lot more press, but then again, he also should have chosen a manlier event, like the hammer throw.

And while I know that He-Man and G.I. Joe are technically two different cartoons/action figure sets, I had both so this counts. Check out this site debating who is better: Snake-Eyes or Storm Shadow?


Stay tuned for my Reebok Grand Prix picks. No mercy this week.