Sunday, May 18, 2008

adidas Classic Quasi-Live Semi-Blog

Apologies, all - I like track and all, but, well, frankly: the adidas Classic is taking place in a glorified, three-quarters-full high school stadium... Cavs-Celtics Game 7.... less so. That's really all you need to know. So this afternoon, we'll bring you what the kids are calling a "mash-up" these days.

4:05 -- And we're off! We get into a quick early pace with our first official "Rawsonism." You heard it here first: if you want to cheer for an underdog, cheer for Bershawn Jackson... the fastest guy... in the field... Brilliant, Larry.

4:10 -- When LBJ gets a step on Paul Pierce, Pierce's defense of choice is the old, "hook his arm to slow him down." That's just Exhibit A in proving the following: Paul Pierce is a little bitch.

4:15 -- Shannon Rowbury, on the other hand, is a beast.

4:16 -- You know what made her performance even more impressive? That she ran 4:01 while having that musical abortion "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat assaulting her ears over the loud speaker. Whose bright idea was it to play the WORST, MOST-BORING SONG DURING A TRACK MEET?

4:18 -- Here's a suggestion for the 800: "Everybody Hurts" by REM.

4:30 -- Through the first few events, reader "kate" and her "Pick 'N Win" team "Four Toes" is in "first place" overall in the "USATF" "contest." Yes, I'm trying to "jinx" her by mentioning that here.

4:55 -- After looking terrible all game, glad to see the Cavs have at least kept it close going into half: 50-40.

4:56 -- I'm dismayed to discover that even thought they are showing this meet live on ESPN, they are NOT showing ANYTHING about certain events -- I check the Fantasy scores and discover the results of 4 different events that I was fired up to see on the telly.

5:10 -- Men's 1500, Take 1: NASCAR ain't got nothin' on us!

5:13 -- "Kiplagat"?

5:14 -- Lagat is removing all intrigue from the 1500, worldwide...

6:00 -- I don't what else happened. Pretty boring meet in the back half. But maybe that sentiment owes a lot to the fact that after roaring into the Top 6 in Pick-N-Win, I subsequently began a disgusting plummet. Then again, we had what? A Wariner win the 400? A Gay win in the 200? An AR in the Women's Pole Vault? Snooze.

6:07 -- So to wrap things up, back to Cavs-Celtics... did I mention Paul Pierce is a little bitch?

6:16 -- Looks like we could have a heck of a game down the stretch...

6:19 -- LBJ now with 44 points off a HUGE steal and stuff to cut the Cheap-Shot Artists Celtics lead to 1. We are all.... we are all... we are all seeing this? Is that how it goes?

6:30 -- Well... I can't wait to see the least-likable team in the NBA Celtics, lose in the Finals. I can only hope the NBA's 2nd-least-likable team, the Spurs, aren't the ones who get to do it...


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