Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Webb/Rudd -- BFF or BF/GF?!?!

Jeremy has tried since this blog's inception to keep it straight and professional. No gossip, no runner bashing or coach bashing, just a place where you go to find straight-laced, no frills running news and commentary. He reads the New Yorker. I, on the other hand, read jezebel like its my job.

In defiance of my co-editor Squaremy (too much of a stretch? NO!), I present you with some running news ripped straight from the front page of! Well, not quite TMZ, rather Charlottesville, VA's Daily (same, same).

In an article detailing steeplechaser Julia Rudd's preparation for the Olympic trials, Julia being the young lady once refferred to as Alan Webb's "girlfriend," is now indicating the two are "best friends."


This clearly has huge implications for Webb's build up to Beijing. How can he focus on training with distracting articles coming out forcing him to constantly pick through the labyrinthian semantics of a woman? I know I was bed-ridden for weeks trying to decipher a text message I received from a girlfriend once. It read: "pls stop txting me. i h8 ur gutz!" Why would she playfully put a 'z' on the end of 'guts' if she didn't still have feelings? WHY?!

Webb needs to stop getting distracted by women and focus on his speed work. He should see no other face but his own in the mirror until he steps to the staring line at Pre in a few weeks. You think the Kenyans are calling each other "best friends" and "girlfriends" and "boyfriends" all day long? Probably sometimes, but not ALL day long.


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ur my bltobff. way way ROFLMAO. thx :)

Jeremy said...


For the uninitiated, that is, of course, "I Can't Believe This News to the Point Where I Will Need To Calm My Nerves with a Giant Bowl of Ice Cream."