Thursday, May 15, 2008

LTOB Announces 1st-Ever Announcement of LTOB-Sanctioned Contest

We here at LTOB are proud to announce our FIRST OFFICIAL (I CAN'T CAPS ANY HARDER) CONTEST! After seeing the conversation over at the Fantasy Track post raging like WILDFIRE, we have decided to offer a prize to the LTOB reader who racks up the top score in the USATF's Pick-N-Win Game, run in conjunction with the VISA Championship Series.

What is the prize you ask? Good question! I'm glad you asked! Shows you're interested!

The meets being contested are this weekend's adidas Track Classic, the Reebok Grand Prix (May 31st), the Nike Prefontaine Classic (June 8) and the US Olympic Trials (June 27-July 6). The USATF offers prizes on a meet-ly and a comprehensive basis, so why can't we?

Just enter your team-name in the comments section beneath the post corresponding to the upcoming meet. For the adidas Classic, we will use the already started thread linked above and HERE. As long as you post your team's name before the first event of the meet begins, you will be eligible to win that week's great prize.

So get to it and WIN BIG!

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Jeremy said...

Just so there's no confusion, don't post your team name here. POST IT HERE: