Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Gouchers: Fast Runners, Reasonable Consumers

Found via message board (where else...)

Runnerville can rest easy today as the premier American running couple is finally getting some TV face time.

My Fox Utah (click on 'videos' in sidebar) is reporting that not only do us normal people have to pay an extra 25 monkeys per extra piece of luggage at the airport, but so do the Gouchers (Apparently, Adam and Kara didn't try the 'ol "do you know who I am" strategy).

Somehow, My Fox Utah field reporter Andrea Fujii, was able to secure an interview with the famous couple at the baggage claim of Salt Lake Int'l Airport. Disguised as a simple consumer interest piece, Fujii was able to uncover a startling fact about the Gouchers: They're CAT PEOPLE!

I mean, seriously, TWO cats? Kind of overkill if you ask me. That's a lot of cat vomit to clean up, a lot of
novelty cat wizard costumes to buy, and a whole lot of oversized bags of Tidy Cats to lugg out of CostCo, Adam. For the sake of American distance running, please be careful!

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