Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reebok Grand Prix Start Lists....NOW UP!!

After waiting and waiting and waiting, Reebok has finally answered the numerous hand written notes that I have mailed in the past week (I should try this email thing jeremy tells me about). They posted the start lists today for the Reebok Grand Prix, which begins in THREE DAYS! Why would anyone care who is racing anyway? Races and athletes of interest after the jump, if you're into that kind of thing.

The Premier event in New York City this weekend, unless you like to watch four self-involved, middle-aged cliches tote overpriced bags through the meatpacking district. I know I do! Oh that Miranda is so independent and saucy.
Tyson Gay USA
Usain Bolt JAM
Shawn Crawford USA (rememebr when SC was the the old Tyson Gay, ahhh the steroids era...)
Xavier Carter USA

Would it kill Jeremy Wariner to show up? I think he's just afraid to hit the rock.
Jermaine Gonzales JAM
Andrew Rock USA
Derrick Brew USA
Xavier Carter USA

Will Krummenacker actually race? Does anyone care? Nick Willis v. Khadevis Robinson: KRob needs to slap that Kiwi in the mouth. New Zealand won't be rocking any party this weekend.
Yusuf Kamel BRN
Andrew Ellerton CAN
David Krummenacker USA
Derrick Peterson USA
Sam Burley USA
Jebreh Harris USA
Jonathan Johnson USA
Gary Reed CAN
Khadevis Robinson USA
James Hatch USA
Nick Willis NZL

Could Kevin Sullivan actually win a race and not just run unbelievably fast in 3rd to 5th place? Never.
Kevin Sullivan CAN
Boaz Cheboiywo KEN
Jim Wyner USA
Lopez Lomong USA
Chris Lukezic USA
Andy Smith USA
Grant Robison USA
Nate Brannen CAN
Brendan Mahoney USA
Moise Joseph HAI
Jon Rankin USA

Alistair Cragg IRL
Reid Coolsaet CAN
Ali Abdosh ETH
Rod Koborsi USA
Shadrack Kosgei KEN
Sam Chelanga KEN
Scott Overall USA
Yuta Takahashi JPN
Josphat Boit KEN

MEN'S 3000SC
Brian Olinger has run 8:19. 8:19? 8:19!
Paul Koech KEN
Rueben Kosgei KEN
Steve Slattery USA
Brian Olinger USA
Dan Huling USA
Jake Morse USA
Matt Forys USA
Aaron Aguayo USA
John Langat KEN
Yoshi Iwamizu JPN
Solomon Kandie KEN
Eric Emilsson SWE
Jon Pierce USA

Christian Cantwell USA
Adam Nelson USA
Dan Taylor USA
Reese Hoffa USA
Dylan Armstrong CAN

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