Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gouchers Give Up on Professional Track Scene, Will Try Hand at High Schoolers

It came out today that American track's resident cat people, Adam and Kara Goucher, have realized that they want to get Olympic qualifiers. To go after the very difficult but certainly attainable standards, they looked in the most obvious place: a high school meet.

Adam will be going for his 5,000m qualifier (13:21.5) and Kara, a World Championship Bronze freaking medalist, will be going for her 10,000m qualifier (31:45) in two special exhibition races as a part of the "Border Dual" high school meet. Each will be competing in a field of "about a dozen runners" next Saturday night, May 31. No word yet as to who will fill out what I'm sure will be a stellar group of "about a dozen."

It's too bad really that two of America's top distance runners have to stage what are clearly two, one (wo)man time trials away from other professional races, but clearly neither of the Gouchers,
Adam or Kara, had a chance to run this fast in any professional track meet.

Luckily, flotrack was able to step into the future (they were able to buy a time machine, somehow. I knew they had money but not, like, 'time-machine' money...somehow) and film the races. A clip of Adam competing at the high school meet is below.

What I don't get is why Galen Rupp had to go and taunt Adam at the end of the clip. I know he just won that Adidas TC 3k so he's ridin' high right now, but, if you ask me, he deserved that 4-square ball to the gut.

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