Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ritzenhein ALLEGEDLY Racing Healthy Kidney 10k

Apparently, it has been asserted that Dathan Ritzenhein will allegedly be racing in Central Park for the Healthy Kidney 10k on May 17. (the crack staff of LTOB lawyers have required we use such noncommital language whenever dealing with this sort of "news item." We got into some real trouble leading up to the 8k championships field that eventually dropped from "a whale of a field" to "a bloated sea lion of a field" in, like, a few hours.)

Joining him will be that Brazilian guy who came out of nowhere to win the NYC marathon in 2006 and the guy who won the last IAAF world half marathon championship. Yes, I've been told they allegedly have names too: Marilson Gomes dos Santos and Patrick Makau of Kenya.

Also, and perhaps most interestingly, Andrew Carlson ("AC" to his friends and the guy who
writes the bib numbers) will be prowling the roads once again after his super impressive 1st and 2nd place finishes on back to back weekends in the USATF 15k and 8k championships. We are very curious how he will do against what will probably be a fast pace in what might be called a "second-tier" international field. That's fair right?

I wonder what his plan will be for the race. Oh, yeh:

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