Monday, May 19, 2008

LTOB "Pick-N-Win Contest" Contest Results: adidas Classic

Results after the jump.

It. Was. A TRAP! kate comes on here and posts her picks all innocently... so we "get inspired" to have this little contest and who wins? KATE. We thought, for a brief moment, that we were geniuses. We see now, that we were merely pawns in the machinations of a female mind-control game. Again.

PTS - place in USATF contest in parentheses
147 ( 41st) - Four Toes
139 (110th) - Giving Less
136 (138th) - Optimal Training
132 (204th) - Predicted Winners
111 (650th) - Simon Says
110 (674th) -
110 (674th) - Running Down a Dream
105 (785th) - Sulphur Springs

Oh, one more thing: we forgot to mention that there's one stipulation that goes with this contest. Should you win in a given week, you are required to take a photograph of yourself WITH THE PRIZE and send it to us for posting. Failure to do so will result in blatant slander and public humiliation. I can see it now: What They Didn't Tell You was that KATE has a fetish for LICKING DIRTY TOES DIPPED IN HOT SAUCE.

And finally, as a point of reference, dougcowles won the USATF contest this week, with 162 points, and 12 correct winners picked. In other words... MUCH better chance to win something over here.

On that note, let the lamenting about such-and-such an athlete begin!


bryan said...

Jeremy, did you keep Diane Cummins from entering the 800m? Did you convince Jenny Adams to long jump instead of run the hurdles? I smell a sabotage...

More thoughts on my team's performance here.

Until the Reebok Grand Prix...

katie said...

I'd try to talk myself up here, but must admit that I don't have the confidence in my picking procedure to supercede that natural female distance runner instinct to just say something along the lines of "today was just a good day for me, you know, like, the next meet, it could totally be somebody else's day. All the ladies out there are just so talented ... "

But I would mention that your analysis of my team before the meet seemed to be based mostly on my team name (Four Toes), which "jeremy" seemed to think implied weakness. I chose the name, incidentally, during the indoor season, not as a sign of weakness, but because I couldn't get the story out of my head of that ultra runner guy in Wisconsin who had a couple toes amputated after freezing them off on his way to winning some winter ultra in the North Country. It was the only name that came to mind when I was put on the spot.

Good game though, much more interesting when you've got other teams to compare to.