Friday, May 23, 2008

Hold the M-Fing Phone: Hengelo Just. Got. Good.

A quick addendum to this weekend's fearless predictions. Tegenkamp and Goucher in the 5k. Abdi, Rupp, and Rohatinsky in the 10k. Are you kidding? I'm glad my parents threw in for the "high speed" connection so I can enjoy this shit WCSN style from my mother's basement (this is a blog after all).


Tegenkamp - 13:09
Goucher - Coming out of nowhere to run 13:12 (High Schoolers watch out)

Rupp - 27:22
Abdi - First race in a whiiiiiiiiile, 27:42
Rohatinsky - 27:44

Eat it laws of time, LTOB owns you!

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