Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ryan Hall = The Future... NOT

The hype for London is in full gear (ha ha ha, get it? wait, that references a joke I haven't made yet). And at the center of it all is folks saying that Ryan Hall is "The Future."

Ummmm, you sure about that, pundits? Look, Mr. Baldini, you may have won the Olympic Marathon, like, back in the pre-electricity days, but you clearly do not know anything when it comes to science, fact, or scientific fact. You want to see the future? This guy is the future:

He is bio-mechanically flawless. He has successfully harnessed the energy from the sun's rays. He has a man in a white lab coat to assist him. And... he has laser eyes. From New York, to London, to Boston, to Berlin... humans had better GEAR up (GET IT???) because the robot marathon invasion is coming.

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