Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ritz Out of 8k; Wittenberg Has Plan

It came out yesterday afternoon that Olympian Dathan Ritzenhein has decided to drop out of the USA 8k Championships this weekend citing a sore IT Band. He will also sit out the much anticipated IAAF World Cross Country Championships later in the month.

This news comes in the wake of Mary Wittenberg and the NYRR announcing a star studded field for the annual Central Park-held 8k including Alan Webb, Shalene Flannagan, Jorge Torres, and many others.

At one point, road stud Abdi Abdirahman was on board too but ended up being the first star to withdraw from the race. Just a few short weeks ago, it was the best non-marathon American road race of the year.

All of that went out the window yesterday when Ritzenhein made the announcement from his anti-gravity, anti-pollen, anti-sunlight, anti-hyperbaric chamber in what can only be assumed to be Eugene, Oregon, or the moon.

With the high profile race field significantly diminished, one would assume the NYRR CEO would be a bit down and out. Not so. Apparently she has a plan.

Normally, Mary Wittenberg limits her powers to assembling strong road race fields, but it was reported earlier today that she has decided to actually heal Dathan Ritzenhein's actual IT band.

"Certainly, I wouldn't do this under almost any other circumstance," said Wittenberg on a conference call Tuesday night, "but it's Ritz vs. Webb, baby! This shit is gonna be sick!"

So no need to fret race fans. We are in good hands. Good, solid, healing, German hands.

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exctebke said...

hey, i just wanted to comment on your report on ritz. I think it would much more appropiate if you had a picture of Ritz. Mostly because I would rather have him put spikes on and do plyos on my back than make a baby laugh.

p.s. I really enjoy your interviews/videos. I encourage you guys to do more of them because they are great fillers while I am sitting here waiting for the explicit material quoues to finish downloading onto my computer.