Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Photo of the Weekend: NYRR 8k

Much was made of Christian Hesch laughing and clapping around the 5k mark at the NYRR 8k/USATF Champs, but who doesn't like a good laugh-and-clap? I often clap while I laugh, and laugh while I get the clap. Now, as you may have noticed, runners in the professional/elite races were allowed to select a cute nickname for their bib, and what we found to be a far more egregious, more brazen flouting of the dignity of our noble sport, was the rouge ragamuffin who selected the following "nickname":

photo: NYRR.org

For shame! I suppose we're just giving this guy more pub, but, what to say? Such cheek could not be denied Photo of the Weekend status. Also from the hoopla surrounding this race, comes our runner-up, as the luminous Carrie Tollefson poses with an adoring fan:

photo Steve Starr, via Letsrun.com

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