Monday, April 21, 2008

Back Home in the Center of the Universe...

We survived. Barely. Boston'll chew ya up and spit ya out. And talk funny. Suffice it to say, we arrived home very late last night pretty much exhausted. We'll get to "What They Didn't Tell You" a little later in the day, after the Boston Marathon has wrapped up. So for now, some quick tidbits from the Boston weekend:
  • Boston Pour House >>> New York Pour House aka the Chach Mahal. $5.50 for what's essentially a double beer. Cheap burgers, too. Not the best selection of beers, per se, but all things considered, a pretty passable option, right across the street from the Prudential Center/Convention Center. The fact that it didn't feel like a giant all-inclusive frat reunion was a major plus, too.
  • The trains in Boston are weird - some are only two cars long, and everyone riding them talks funny.
  • In the Women's Race, Deena caught Magdalena pretty much right in front of us, and despite that happening on one of the most sparsely-spectatored parts of the course, it was still an exciting, semi-electric moment.
  • It was a great weekend for an out-of-towner visiting for all the running: gorgeous weather (Ben got his trademark pink nose from all the sun) and Boston makes this little marathon they have going, really seem like a big deal.
Check back later for a full wrap-up on the unreported stories of the weekend. And our video documentation will be leaking out throughout the week.

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