Tuesday, April 15, 2008

LTOB's First Annual Night Out With the Nets

Every once in a while, the minions of writers that contribute to LTOB, and live in our basement closet, are set free for a night out on the town in a pre-planned, shoddily supervised activity. It raises morale and allows said minions to do something other than constantly refresh the letsrun message board. We do have interests outside of races and professional wrestling scandals after all. A brief recap (and video) of the night are after the jump.

Last night's activity was a trip across the Hudson to that smelly cousin of New York City, the kind of cousin who used to always ask you to come over for a sleepover after family functions and look at his penny collection while snacking on cold garlic bread and grape-aid. You know, New Jersey. We went to see the New Jersey Nets game last night and boy was it average.

The highlight of the game, as always, was the fan cam. It caught yours truly in the act:

If you look closely at the end, you can see Jeremy in his red shirt laughing smuggly at me. He's always judging me. It was a night of celebration, what can I say.

The other highlight was the short intermission between the 3rd and 4th quarter. The players on the court had just heated up from totally to mildly disinterested as the 3rd quarter buzzer sounded, and then all hell broke loose.

Literally: All. Hell. Broke. Loose.

My vision was just blurred enough from the empty wallet's worth of beer that I had consumed and everywhere I looked there were cheerleaders, dance teamers, huge wolves with guitars, ALL either throwing or shooting t-shirts out of big cannons!

There were even, and this is the best part, t-shirts parachuting in from the top of the arena.
Everyone was going nuts. It was like someone we all were rooting for just won the super bowl.

(We're looking at you, Eugene. t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts, coming at us from all angles. We love that shit.)

And then the game ended and someone may or may not have won.


Jake said...

great point... fans inevitable go nuts whenever the chance to win a $2 t-shirt comes up. Mark Cuban (who is my pick to be the CEO of USATF) wrote about this in his blog last year:

"I have gone to NBA games in every arena and many NHL and MLB games across the country . Without exception, the response to T Shirts being thrown into the audience exceeds the response to actual game action for all but the most exciting of game action moments.

The minute the T Shirt cannons or slingshots come on the court, field or ice, every man, woman or child of any age is up screaming their head off trying to get a free T Shirt . They have no idea what is on the shirt. They know the chances of getting one are slim, but it doesnt matter. Its T Shirts gone wild."


Jeremy said...

Ah, but no mention of the T-Shirt parachute descending from a catwalk 80 feet above the arena floor! THAT is the holy grail of free t-shirts, and if track could somehow integrate the parachute-t-shirt into its events -- even if we skipped the early steps in t-shirt-dispensing evolution (Pony Express, weak-armed dance-girl, slingshot, cannon, and so on) -- I think it safe to say track and field would easily leapfrog hockey, horse-racing, and classic-rules Russian judo to become one of the premier spectator sports in the world.

But if Cuban is blind to the parachute t-shirt, then he would be blind to track's future.

Jake said...

you made tags for both "new jersey" AND "new jersey nets"?

are you trying to drive traffic AWAY from the site?

ps. does hayward field have a catwalk? i've never been there. A t-shirt parachute is something i have to see to believe.