Saturday, April 12, 2008

Live Blog Beer Bash: 2008 London Marathon

Less Than Our Best proudly presents our first ever Live Blog Beer Bash (its like watching it normally, but with dick jokes!!) We will be following the London Marathon and, let's face it, we mainly care about Ryan Hall. Enjoy, and don't be shy, crack open that Zima that you've been eying and make sure to throw in a comment or two. We're going to get started around 4am Eastern (mens' race starts at 4:45) or whenever we stumble home from the bars tonight.


hutch said...

Excellent coverage. Of course I read it when I actually woke up, long after the race was over. But excellent nonetheless.

Maybe in addition to reducing excess coverage of women's races, another way to improve the sport would be to not have every race either tape-delayed or insanely early.

Also, congrats to HAL for his late race surge. That took guts man.

Jesse said...

I'm with Seth, a good read now at Noon. 4:00AM must have hurt to be awake.

ben said...

it hurts more now (12:45) than it did at 4.