Wednesday, April 2, 2008

USATF 10k Champs Are APPARENTLY This Weekend

Once again: If a National Championship takes place and there is no way to know who might be participating or any mention of the event ANYWHERE, does that event matter?


LTOB is sure that SOMEONE is racing in Richmond this weekend, but start lists cannot be found here or here. Also, news coverage has not been found by any of the web-surfing monkeys we have working at LTOB headquarters.

Can a fan get a freakin' starting list?! Oh well, we will have to just sit at home and keep refreshing and cross our fingers that one of the crotchety old men there figure out how to post a list of names to the internet (a tip: they have it on computers these days).
**Andrew "PIP (Plan Is Pain)" Carlson is supposed to be running the 10,000 at Stanford (no entry lists for that meet either), so the Richmond field will be lacking in the hard-core department, whenever it decides to be revealed.

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