Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Addition: Weekly Worldview

We are very very pleased to announce, as part of our re-design, a new addition to LTOB. In case you haven't noticed, if it isn't American male distance running, it probably isn't going to get written up by ben or Jeremy. (Excepting, of course, easy-on-the-eyes female runners of any discipline... RRRRarrr... "discipline"....) So in an effort to broaden our coverage, we are pleased to bring aboard a new correspondent: urbane traveler-of-the-world, Jake Krong, of Lets-Krong.com who will be writing "WEDNESDAY WEEKLY WORLDVIEW WITH WJAKE WKRONG." (Obviously, that will typically go up on Wednesdays.) Please allow him to introduce himself after the jump...

About a month ago I was approached by Ben and Jeremy about writing a guest column for LTOB. I'm actually not 100% sure who I've been communicating with all this time, as the two of them seem to share an e-mail address, which I find a bit strange. I'm all for the open group shower, but not necessarily on board with the open e-mail account. Sometimes you need your privacy.

Regardless, I was recruited by Less Than Our Best is to keep you up to date with the most important happenings in world of running outside of the United States. It's an Olympic year, after all, and because Benemy proclaim to be "borderline xenophobic in the lack of attention we pay the international running scene," I agreed to join the team over here. We were supposed to make the partnership official at the 8K Champs a few weekends ago, but they either didn't show up or ditched me; I'm still not exactly certain of what happened.

Now, don't expect my columns over here to be full of the same type of robot/LOST/shirtless-athlete nonsense that my posts at Lets-Krong contain. I've already been given a few very specific topics to cover by my editors. For my first article, which will be posted next week, LTOB actually sent me out on assignment last week to a foreign country! I can't really give the details of where I'm headed to right now, but think for a second about what the biggest international running event over the past few days was... needless to say, I'm really excited for the chance to do some first-hand reporting from overseas!

If you have any news or tips that might be helpful for this column, feel free to start your own blog.

Jake Krong is a LTOB columnist and the creator of Lets-Krong.com


ben said...

I feel like 'beremy' might sound better than the divisive 'benemy.' Plus, if you say it real fast, it might sound like "beer me" as in "can you beer me that soda?"

Matt Taylor said...

This reminds me of the time MSNBC signed Olbermann away from ESPN.

I heart Jake Krong.