Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We are happy to announce that, effective immediately, Less Than Our Best will be published under a new, improved, and wholly original title. For the past six months, Less Than Our Best has dedicated itself to providing running commentary for fans, by fans, and with fans, and came to feel that our current name and branding did not properly express the total inclusion of the running community, which is the chief, on-going, and guiding goal of our website.

Thus, we are pleased to announce that, henceforth, to celebrate our second of many more half-years, we will be publishing our site under the following name and URL:

We feel this name will be the standard-bearer in our movement to rebrand our site as the uniquely creative collaboration to which we aspire. While other potential names successfully captured part of that spirit -- among them, JoinUsInCantering.com; AllowUsToDash.com; PermitUsToHasten.com; and, ShallWeHotfoot.com -- we felt "Let's Run Fastest" best packages the invitation to excellence that is our new motto: What You Imagine Here, Shall Come To Pass.

Finally, please consider visiting our affiliate sites: for all of your search needs, Googler.com; sports news, ESPM.com; and video-sharing, YouTubes.com

DISCLAIMER: Let's Run Fastest would like to stress that our name has nothing to do with other running-themed websites, and that, before you work yourself into a tizzy, we have no expectation of poaching our audience from other running-themed websites. We simply stumbled upon this great name and thought we should share it with the world.

[ Anonymous, Non-Affiliated Ed. Note: I think it's a pretty good name; I'm curious to see where it goes. ]

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