Friday, December 7, 2007

Wild Sex Romp at Sean Casey's House Leads to Rape Charge

My head is absolutely spinning. Where to begin? From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Exotic dancer. Allegedly raped by her manager. Who is also a woman. While the manager's oh-so-charming, pony-tailed, Playgirl-posing, professional-wrestler boyfriend watched and, when (allegedly) was asked to intervene simply laughed: "I told you she was the freak."

Did ESPN re-launch Playmakers as a reality series? Now, when I first read woman-on-woman incident, I imagined strap-ons, or handcuffs and Fred Smoot's personal sex appliance of choice... maybe even just something involving sexy lingerie and a riding crop which somehow goes horribly awry. But when I got back from the restroom, I found... this....?
Summer* said Adkins alternated between having oral sex with her and having intercourse with Casey, who had a broken leg in a cast.
Wait, wait, wait. So, what you're saying is this transpired roughly like the scene in Austin Powers when he is about to be run down by the steamroller? The plaintiff alleges that, in the course of all that ruckus, there was this exchange:
Then Adkins asked, “ ‘Don’t you want to see the sexiest couple in Cincinnati’ ” enjoy themselves? Summer* testified.
She runs a hick-town strip club. He is a pro wrestler. Now that's a couple absolutely filthy with sex appeal. As a matter of fact, I haven't confirmed this yet, but I'm pretty sure Adkins was misquoted by the plaintiff, and actually said "trashiest couple." Oh wait, I almost forgot...there's just this one last, little bit...
“I have never been in a bathroom with Steve McNair,” Summer* testified. “I talked to him. He’s a pretty cool guy. Go Ravens!”
First - thanks, Summer. The Ravens appreciate the support from the witness stand. Second - why, you ask, did she testify thusly? Well, it seems, Adkins threatened to let Summer* go for (allegedly) doing the dirty with McNair, a client of their club, Naughty Bodies. (The article left me to infer that the defense is painting the rape allegations as retaliation for that threat.)

But you know the craziest part of it all? I had NO IDEA Sean Casey, the so-called "Mayor of the MLB" had posed in Playgirl and was taking up pro wrestling.

Rape Case Drags in Pro Athletes - Cincinnati Enquirer

[The link is to the Cincinnati Enquirer, but I would like to point out that this occurred in Batavia, which, if Cincinnati were New York City, would be our version of Newburgh.]

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Anonymous said...

This article trashes some very decent people with nothing but fabricated, untrue, inflammatory trash to make it newsworthy! i didnt see a post or a follow up article showing the results of the trial and false charges? NOT GUILTY! ON ALL COUNTS! NOW ITS POSTED ON THIS SITE FOR ALL TO READ! THIS CASE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH AN NFL QB, SAME GOES FOR MLB S CASEY. NOT GUILTY! STRIPPER DRAMA AT BEST!