Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What They Didn't Tell You: Feb. 19th

I'm trying a new thing out today. It's a little feature called "What They Didn't Tell You" which I'll be putting up the first day of each week. Or the first day following a weekend of big racing. In it we'll sift through the storylines from the weekend that aren't getting the ink they deserve... until now.

Big weekend: Presidents' Day, USATF Cross Nationals, the Tyson Foods Chicken Invitational, and some meet over in Great Britain, no doubt spelled with extra "U"s following the "O"s, fish and chips, bad teeth, and what have you. Find out what they didn't tell you about the weekend, after the jump...

Oregon TC Elite DOMINATED Men's team race at Cross Country Nationals. Perfect score 1-2-3-4. Saying no one cares about the team race at Nationals is taking the easy way out, Lazybones.

Two thirty year-olds placed in the top 6 on the Women's side (Katie McGregor & Blake Russell). No one over 30 in the top 20 on the Men's side. Logical conclusion? Old runner men were scared of the inevitable post-race trip to the San Diego beaches, where they'd be shown up by the superior physiques of the young runner men.

As you probably know, the Razorback DMR took 3rd behind Texas and LSU at the Tyson Invitational, earning a public tongue-lashing from Hall of Fame coach, John McDonnell. What you probably didn't know is that the Razorback throwers ran down the boys from Texas in the Fat-Man-4x2 to save themselves the same indignity.

Adam Nelson threw down in winning the Shot Put at Tyson. But there was an insidious side to this story, as he did it by, in the week leading up to the meet, exclusively eating baby-fed-chicken provided by the event sponsor.

Presidents' Day was canceled this year. Yup. I didn't know it either until this morning when my boss fired me and when I asked why, he said because I didn't come into work yesterday, and when I said "It was Presidents' Day" he said, "Oh, that was canceled this year. You're still fired." Go figure.

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