Thursday, February 21, 2008

Australian News: Fun with Guns/Stereotypes

Jeremy Wariner is getting some pub in Australia leading up to the first 400 of his Olympic season and, more notably, without Clyde Hart holding the stopwatch.

In a particularly interesting piece published today on the Herald Sun, it is revealed that Wariner packs heat whenever he drives around Texas. Also included in the column by Scott Gullan (Cathy Freeman's biographer incidentally) is...well...this:

Being a sprinter and being from America usually means you are black, loud and have lots of tattoos.

When will those crazy Aussies learn to put down their Foster's, leave Outback steakhouse, stop throwing more shrimp on even more barbies, and see people for the individuals they are and not stereotypes reinforced by a select few?

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Jeremy said...

No sprinters in the pictured group. My eyeballs told me so.