Thursday, February 21, 2008

USATF Indoors: Au Natural?

Scott Bush looks ahead to the USATF Indoor Track Champs to be held this weekend:
With the big four (Alan Webb, Bernard Lagat, Leo Manzano & Chris Lukezic) sitting out of this weekend's 1500m championship race, this allows some fresh faces a chance to make a U.S. team. [...] With Galen Rupp dropping out, and all of the top college milers chosing not to compete, questions surround who else has a legit shot to make the team. My favorite questions [sic] is, can Gabe Jennings make the squad? I sure hope so...it will add flair to a second-tier collection of talent.
Gabe Jennings... hmmmm... An interesting option, as far as adding flair is concerned. But I can think of a much better way...

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