Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mottram: Ready... For a Hug?

Mottram cruised to a 7:48 down in Australia last night as a final prep for Indoor Worlds. Or was that this morning? Maybe tomorrow morning? Don't ask me to convert time of day from the Southern Hemisphere: my brain will explode.

What I CAN tell you, though, is that he ran that 7:48 -- including a 54 second last quarter to open up the margin of victory on Shadrack Kosgei -- clockwise. Because that's how they do things down there. Regardless, he looks primed to win a world indoor title. And let me tell you: world indoor titles are sweet. I got one one time as the prize in my cereal box.

And one final note: Nick Willis fans take note of the picture at top. Looking easy while winning is all fine and good, but to really be class, one should emulate the Big Mazungo. In other words, it's all about looking positively gangly.

Good god, that man could be a 1970's ABA center.

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