Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Forgotten Middle Child of Track...LIVE!

LTOB is ready to get. it. on. We have our cooler, our bag of chips and are sick of college basketball. We need a little track and field in our lives. Thankfully ESPN is willing to deliver some day old scraps. The only price: Listening to Luscious Larry Rawson and Dwight "No" Stones. We're Live Blogging the highlights of ESPN's coverage, after the jump...

6:59 J - I guess we just missed the 3k? Not cool. Of course, we are not so foolish as to have expected better. Oh well... that's all from us. Until next time... so long, from The Wedgie.

6:58 J -
To Adam Nelson: the gold tastes like curly fries. Just so you know. They are delicious.

6:53 J -
Larry... "normalcy" is not a word. The word you are looking for is "normality."

6:48 J -
Apparently, Jen Stucyzinskiwitz can bench press 200 pounds. I did not need to hear that.

6:40 B -
I agree, Lola Jones is the next big T & F star.

6:36 J -
Lolo Jones with a terrible start. But like I've always said -- double in her case -- it's all about how she finishes. Eh? Eh?

6:33 J -
Really not enjoying seeing Lolo Jones in her sit-down interview. Hearing her talk does very little for my appreciation for her. Eh - I'd still give her the business.

6:31 B
- Nelson loses, not evenmakes world team. Big news.

6:29 B -
Huge news, Steve Manz fouled in the shot put, I didnt want to watch the firt 5 laps of the 3k anyway, thanks for updating us on Manz.

6:22 B -
great 1500. Thought Shierer was gonna get it. Went way too early. Rob Meyers has a pretty good racket going, win indoors whenever its weak. Multiple time national champion, world team member, the James Thie of American running.

6:16 J
- Insert obligatory reference to Rob Myers' incredibly hot wife here.

6:15 J -
Gabe Jennings. Runner, lover, drummer... poet? Book signer at Barnes & Noble? What the fuck?

6:13 B -
Nelson, losing the shot put...big upset on the horizon.

6:07 B -
McWilliams giving it the old college second try. What is with Stones and Rawson's crush on Teter? I would be worried if I were Nicole.

6:00 B -
This just in, Dwight Stones loves the contact in track and field. Especially when runners are fighting over "that coveted pole" in an indoor track race.

5:57 B -
ESPN: How can we get "the kids" out there excited about the track and field. We should play a little of the rock and roll, but make sure to make it as generic as possible and play it throughout the some exciting 400s.

5:46 J
- I think the phrase "Reggie Lewis Center on the campus of Roxbury Community College" was just uttered for the 17th time. The Final Four gets in the Superdome, the Alamodome... US track gets into a small facility named after a basketball player at a community college. Awesome.

5:44 B - Nike athlete insight...this is new. Apparently, Adam Nelson likes attention, makes sense. Heres a tip from LTOB Adam, throw with a huge boner in your spandex, everyone will try not to watch, but they will.
Also, we're calling the reggie lewis center "the reggie" now, sounds a little too much like "the wedgie" if you ask us.

5:37 J - Cross highlights: You know what would really help the sport get popular? Only let hot chicks race.

5:3 1 J - Wurth-Thomas puts on a clinic. A running clinic. She credits her coach: Lance Harder. [ snickers uncontrollably ]

5:27 B - Here come the clip shows. 'Ol Rowberry (sic) pie gives that stellar 3k field a drubbing, out of nowhere. And the 1500 is off, let's watch...
More Rawsonisms to come...

5:23 B -
Ok, is there any way we could get two more square announcers for ALL of our track meets. How about we put Lawrence Welk in there. I don't think Dave Coulier is doing anything. Wait a sec, I'm on the phone with my nana right now, she suggested this guy Herm who she plays Bingo with on Wednesdays, I say give him a try.

5:17 J
- Great stretch run in the 8. "KD" by a chest hair... and yes, Dwight Stones... we DO love to see great races. Your words move in time to the beating of our hearts.

5:16 J - Rawson makes his first idiot comment saying "KD" has been the top US mid-D guy for the past 6-8 years. How many races did he win in Europe during Krummenacker's heydey, again?

5:15 Jeremy - Sorry I'm late. Doing laundry.

5:15 B - Eight hundo up first in the schedule of events I care about. Wow, Oden showing some media savvy. That was a great commercial.

5:11 Ben- Apparently they have coaxed Shamiqua Holdsclaw and Rebeccas Lobo off the court in enough time to let us watch some track.

5:09 Ben- I have always said that ESPN has decided what sports are popular for about 20 years now. Is there really a market for women's basketball? I can't believe there are people out there watching this. I guess you can't account for America's love for slow transition games and no-look passes.

5:01 Ben- I've made a concerted effort this time around to avoid results and get as close to a live experience as possible, which really only means avoiding a few internet sites for a while. Still couldn't do it. I know the 3k results. Jeremy was able to avoid it.

I just switched it on to espn2 and there is a women's basketball game on...typical. They just brought out the bucket of apples, that usually means the women's basketball game is about to over right?

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