Wednesday, February 27, 2008

APB for the Doby Crotchtangle of Running

As a nice little warm-up for March Madness, allow us to direct you to one of our favorite websites ever: Name of the Year.

Essentially, these folks trawl the Internet's high seas in search of the greatest names in the history of the world. The results are staggering: Olive McWeeney and Velvet English are lower tier names over there. So they have just begun their tournament to determine the 2008 Name of the Year. Truly these men do the Lord's work. See the early odds-on favorite, after the jump:

Meet Brian Suksomwong. Yes, you read that right. Will he fulfill his destiny and earn NOTY of 2008? (Lower-case "destiny" - not to be confused with Destiny Frankenstein, this year's dark horse.) Get over there and vote.

In the meantime, perusing NOTY got me wondering what the best name in running is. Threads at LetsRun have been devoted to entering oneself in a race under the name of a fictional character from pop culture, or under oh-so-clever made-up names like Miles Togoyet or Hugh Jass. Ha ha ha.

Well we're curious only about real people and their real, given names. We'd love to hear your nominations in the comments, below.

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Jeremy said...

I'll kick things off:

C.J. Pickelheimer - I like to imagine this young man walking through life in a flat-brimmed straw hat and striped blazer, talking like a carnival barker wherever he goes.