Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ritz to Run Marathon in Beijing: 10k Spot Opens for Tegenkamp, Others

Word out of Camp Hudson in Eugene yesterday revealed that Dathan Ritzenhein plans to run the marathon at the upcoming Summer Olympics, even if he makes the team in the 10,000. This is big news for two reasons:

1.) Ritz certainly seems to have more Olympic potential in the marathon than in the 10k, if only because he will never close in 53 point, no matter how many barefoot strides he does. He can repeatedly run fast miles for a long time, though, so what the hell?

I suppose this can be viewed as more evidence of the alarming trend of ALL of America's best distance runners leaving the track for the marathon (looking at you, Frau Wittenberg), but I also suppose that the trickle down effect might work here better than it ever did in this "free" market economy we supposedly live in. Runners winning medals, whether in the marathon or the 5k (although I'd much prefer a 5k medal thanks), is going to create a larger pool of better runners. It's science, I can't explain it.

2. and most troubling) This leaves the door open for 'ol crewcut Browne to slip on to the Olympic team in the 10k. God bless us all.

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