Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Message Bored?

Sifting through the Letsrun message board is sometimes like rooting through your hamper the day before you do laundry. You have to find something that will get you through the work day, even if it isn't exactly "great".
To find that discolored and irregular diamond in the rough, so to speak, you will encounter some pretty vile articles of clothing. Some pieces are much more offensive than others, of course. Most are harmless t-shirts ("predict my time after this workout") or even slightly smelly socks ("Where to run in New York City") or even the rare jean shorts that you wore to your cousin's first communion ("Geoffrey's quest to break 15"), embarrassing but an endless source of amusement in hindsight.
Every once in a while, though, a reader can step back and see the brilliant collage of absurdity that is the letsrun message board and give a chuckle of satisfaction. After the jump, a few recent gems that I have been monitoring on the front page recently:

**Help becoming a manlier drinker

(please do not help this guy. How else will zima fund their great commercials?)

**Would you women date a 26 year old virgin?

(classic response from regular poster, txRUNNERgirl after the inevitable "you sure he ain't gay" issue comes up: "From what I hear, gay guys have a lot of sex..more than straight people." If you didn't guess already, the tx in her name stands for Texas, who knew?)

**world of warcraft

(anyone noticing a trend?)

**Christian Cantwell Drops F Bomb at Press Conference

(best quote from this whole "controversy": "He can trash talk all he wants," said (Reese) Hoffa. "While he's in Valencia, he's got to have someone to hang out with."
Hoffa in Spain as Cantwell leaves hotel room: Hey Christian man, can you pick me up a Whopper with cheese and fries while you're out?
Cantwell: Sure Reese, sure...
Hoffa after Cantwell hands him sandwich: I said with cheese mothafucka, CHEEEEEEESE!!...thinks for second...touche' Christian, you got me, you always do.)

**What percentage of 'pros' troll LetsRun?

(Some classic defensive hate being thrown around here: "how fast are you?!"..."faster than you!!" etc.)

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