Monday, March 3, 2008

What They Didn't Tell You: March 3rd

When you're reporting on MAC track, you know it's a slow week. You know it's an even slower week than you thought when your co-editor doesn't even rise to your baiting about his former conference. What they didn't tell you about the light-on-news Indoor Conference Championships, after the jump...

Tyson David won the 5k at SEC's in 13:52 over a trio of Razorbacks not named Ken Cormier. But though his name could be backwards in the results and you would never know, you DO know that since Tyson David or David Tyson or Ty Davidson runs distance at Alabama, whatever his name, he's a Kenyan.

Colorado went 1-2-3-4 in the 5k at Big 12's. After the impressive display, Coach Mark Wetmore turned to reporters and said, "Vegas, baby. Vegas." While stroking his ponytail.

51 competitors in the 3000 at Big 12's. One heat.* Very messy.

Big Ten mile won in 4:22. By a girl.*

That Cornell did something good (won Heps) and that they are coached by LetsRun's Rojo. Just kidding: LetsRun always tells you those two things when given the chance.

In non-conference action, the US Men tooled those Special-Bacon-Eating Canadiens at the NACAC cross country championships in Orlando, taking the top 2 spots and the team title. But in a display of international camaraderie, members from each team paired off with their rivals to ride Space Mountain, then slurped down some fried ham on It's a Small World at Epcot.

Alabama's aforementioned David Tyson is the nephew of poultry magnate Lewis Tyson III, and is the one who has been providing Adam Nelson with all that chicken.

*May or may not be totally made up.

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