Friday, March 14, 2008

This Weekend in Running: Fearless Predictions

We here at Less Than Our Best are concerned with very little. One of those few interests is March Mascot Madness. The other is acting like we have some expertise in predicting things. After the jump, five things that will LITERALLY happen this weekend:

1) 8k Results:
1. Jorge Torres
Hasn't been relevant for about 3 years, but comes back in a big way in the year of Beijing

2. Alan Webb
Saw him running in the park yesterday, told me it "isn't worth trying if I can't beat on the pipsqueak...again"
3. James Carney
My sleeper for this year's Olympic team, gets started in earnest tomorrow.
4. Andrew Carlson
The plan: More pain. My favorite American runner by far right now.
5. Ed Moran
A lot of people say he's a good sleeper for the team this year, I say "he good, but he ain't THAT good."
6. Fasil Bizuneh
Fasil'll be there. He's always there.
7. Josh McAdams
Are Mormons allowed in New York City? Apparently.

2) Jorge wins with an 800 meter kick, celebrates by ordering a pizza from Sbarro, tells reporters that he hasn't done speedwork yet.

3) Alan Webb loses, deals with it by ordering his signature peach martini in Frau Wittenberg's luxury tent at finish line, tells reporters he hasn't done speed work yet.

4) I struggle to get to the race on time (5 shots for 10 bucks at The Continental is a cruel mistress), deal with it by getting a medium Starbucks coffee, tell myself everything will be alright (it won't).

5) Sam Bair breaks 4 minutes in NCAA final, walks off track, never utters the following words again: "mile" "sub," "four," "track," "dad," or "so close."

6) Josh McDougal wins both NCAA 3k and 5k titles, walks off track, looks at WWJD bracelet, nods knowingly.

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