Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Things In the Works

You might have noticed that a couple of our regular weekly features did not run this past week. Apologies to both of you.

The good news is that their absence is owing less to ben's cavalier decision to go off on vacation to sunny Kent, Ohio last weekend, and more to the fact that we're in the process of giving the look of the site a good working over. Well, to be accurate, that little tyke pictured above has been the one doing the heavy lifting, but still, we've been stuck in numerous meetings with him (Teddy) and his team discussing the best way for him to translate our vision into reality.

Bottom line, next week will hopefully be something to look forward to, but it's taken time away from our typical production. Owing mainly to the fact that Teddy's computer only has 5 buttons and they are all pictures, and not letters.

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