Monday, June 23, 2008

What They Didn't Tell You: High School Records

Ah.... the things they don't tell you... Example the first: when you sign a "contract" with "someone" to "produce a web video series," apparently that person doesn't appreciate it when you "ask if we can push that start date back a couple of weeks so we can catch up on our blog." And that they may even threaten to "cut off the two things that you'll miss more than any others the rest of your life" in a frighteningly cold, calm voice. Cripes! The things you miss if you don't go to law school!

But, little do "they" know... you can't cut off rainbows or my trust fund from me! Only God can do that!

German Fernandez clocked an 8:34 to break the HS 2-mile record this past weekend, AND he ran negative splits to do it. What they didn't tell you is that he was actually on 8:50 pace until he realized he was running late for prom.

Also not making the race recaps? Fernandez wore trainers to prom. And a running watch. (I guess that one's kind of a given.)

In other prom-related news, they didn't tell you that I got to go to exactly ONE HOUR of my senior prom because our league meet was rained out the night prior and bumped to Saturday. They also didn't tell you that I am STILL BITTER ABOUT IT. (I guess that's kind of apparent.)

And finally, no one told you about a high school record that DID manage to hold up this year: my ben's record for most consecutive rebuffs during an attempted post-prom "communion." And by "post-prom communion" I mean, "goodnight kiss." (I guess that one goes without saying.)


ben said...

the record is 4 and a half. She denied me straight up 4 times in a row and then, as she turned to run inside her parent's front door, her hand brushed the zipper of my tux. I'll spare you the details of what happened next. lets just say I found out that tuxedo rental places charge quite a bit extra for dry cleaning.

Jesse said...

On another subject, I received my e-mail reminder from the USATF to make my picks by whenever for the trials. Game On!