Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Defeat Might Merritt Change of Hart for Wariner

You can try to devise a better title. You will fail. Benjamin W. Wordsworth, at your service.

Anyway, Jeremy Wariner got himself beat in a 400 this past weekend. That's news for three reasons:

One, Wariner owns used to own the 400 meters for the past 4 years (Olympic Gold and two World Champs Gold, ranked #1 since '04). He's been beat a few times in those 4 years, but his losses never seemed as dire as this one. Which brings us to...

Two, the guy who beat him is LaShawn Merritt, who has escaped widespread acclaim despite having similiar credentials as Wariner at his age (Merritt is 21, Wariner 24). Is Merrit catching up or is Wariner slowing down? One argument for why Wariner might be slowing down brings us to...

Three, Wariner has been under intense scrutiny ever since he forcibly parted ways with long-time coach Clyde Hart. The less greedy among us have been waiting for Wariner to slip up so they could blame it on his filthy capitalist judgement. Consider this, my friends, the first shoe to fall. Merritt beats Wariner at the trials and the other shoe is big toe bound.

The IAAF article also reveals that Wariner did not attend the press conference with Merritt for the Berlin meet and it seems that he dodged all media after the race. Merritt is looking pretty, pretty good right now, both in his racing and public image. Wariner used to be the Golden Boy but Merritt is making him look rather silver.

Get it? Gold being the type of medal he wants to win at the olympics?


Anonymous said...

How can Wariner be slowing down when he is running 44.07 in June? Note--review the tape it was Merritt that Wariner had to run down in the last 30 meters to win Worlds last year.

ben said...

Maybe slowing down isn't the best word. Maybe "being caught up to more convincingly than last year when Merritt was close but never SEEMED to pose a serious threat and certainly didn't get half the pub Wariner did" works better?

Jeremy said...

Maybe "slowing down" isn't a word at all, but rather, a phrase?

Ben said...

your mom's a word