Friday, June 20, 2008

To the Trials We Go

As Jeremy pointed out in his previous post, we are headed to the Olympic Trials in Eugene after this weekend. We will be driving there, which means we should probably start planning on how that's going to happen. Currently, neither of us owns a car, or a bank account, and I lack the attention span to drive for more than an hour without picking up a dangerous hitchhiker. In preparation for the trip, we will spend the weekend sipping pounding $9 beers while watching the Reds at Yankee stadium then working on our tans (and our table manners) up in the Hamptons: the usual.

Needless to say, we're really excited about the trip and being able to do the same thing we have been doing here at LTOB over in so-called Tracktown, USA. We hope all of you guys follow the "action" over at TOTHETRIALS.COM and let us know what's the what in the comments. We will still be updating every now and then on this site with pics and tidbits too "racy" or "obscene" for the lightweights over at 3000 miles.

Then, we will be back on here after the trials are over to give the real scoop on Eugene. You know, who hooked up with who, who woke up in women's underwear the morning after their 1500 final: the good stuff.

This trials is gonna be a big one, folks, so dust off that old Springsteen album and jump around a little bit, we won't tell.

Finally, if you live in the Columbus, Ohio area and want to wish us well, or throw boiled vegetables at us, visit the Second Sole in the Stoneridge Plaza at the corners of Morse and Hamilton in Gahanna, OH. We'll be there sometime between noon and 4pm on June 25th. Hopefully. So it would be best to just block out the whole day and hang out with the Sole crew. I here they smell nice but love to give wedgies, so watch out.

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Stephanie said...

You're going to be in Ohio on the 25th, but expect to drive to Eugene in time for the trials? I rode a bus from Dallas to Eugene once for the JO's in '04 (the year the fight broke out). 3 days/nights straight. Not fun. The good news is that you will start hallucinating. Anyway, I'm sooo looking forward to your coverage of the trials, especially the "racy and obscene tidbits" (as long as they're not mine). You guys crack me up. See you in Eugene.