Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, we feel we owe it to you, our reader, to address the rumors I'm sure many of you have not been hearing: that LTOB will be powering down during the Olympic Trials. We must admit to you, our reader, it is true.

Now you may ask, Ted, How can we stop ““covering”” (sarcastic quotation-marks doubled, to convey depth of sarcasm) track and field during the biggest domestic track meet on US soil? Well, I would reply to you, our reader – Ted – first, that saying “domestic” and “US soil” is redundant. And second, Did you ever think that maybe we have lives too? That maybe we would like to just sit back and enjoy a track meet for once? Instead of constantly struggling to master this baffling language to express our thoughts on the sport in a way that doesn’t come out looking like duck orange pretty chips taste smutty?

These are the hypotheticals with which you would be assailed. However, here are the facts: we neither have lives nor like sitting back to enjoy track broadcasts. (It’s like the age-old saying goes: “You can take the Larry Rawson out of the NBC booth, but you’re still going to be stuck with Carol Lewis.”) But here's What They Didn't Tell You:


But wait! There’s Less©! Not only will we be going to the Trials, but we will be documenting the whole experience, VIDEO-STYLE in a little “show” that answers to the name “3000 MILES TO THE TRIALS.” Do we have tickets to the meet? No! Do we have a car to get there? No! Will we lose our jobs by taking that much vacation time? Most likely!

No matter. All the goodness from our journey can be found at a little URL we, and your browser, like to call tothetrials.com. We hit the road June 24th. Until then, we will be maintaining LTOB to the fullness of our inabilities, while also posting some new content at tothetrials.com, as well. For those of you that facebook, you can go to our page over there to make sure you don't miss out on contests and the like.

So check it out!

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