Monday, June 9, 2008

LTOB "USATF Pick-N-Win Contest" Contest Results: Pre

Drumroll, please....

Who's now tied for 35th Overall in the USATF Pick-N-Win contest? JEREMY'S now tied for 35th Overall in the USATF Pick-N-Win contest, that's who.

I overcame goose-eggs in 3 events by picking 12 events correctly, thus managing my highest point total for the season, and my highest overall finish in the USATF contest. As a result of my recent tear, yet another person didn't even bother to enter picks, faced with the hopelessness of trying to surmount me. (hehehe.... "mount me"...)

Here are the full results:

PTS - (USATF PLACE) - NAME - (Season-long USATF place)
153 ( 25) - Giving Less (again) (35)
144 ( 62) - Running Down a Dream
141 ( 73) - Hutch-in-the-Clutch
133 (135) - Four Toes (79)
127 (196) - LessThanOurBest.com
123 (231) - Sulphur Springs
121 (252) - Optimal Training
n/a (n/a) - Columbia, SC Runner
n/a (n/a) - Simon Says
96 (569) - Predicted Winners

Kudos to Katie for jumping into the Top 100, overall in the season-long standings at USATF. I have to look at Hutch-in-the-Marc-Jacobs-Clutch and wonder what could have been, had he played the game from the start...

Just one meet the go: the grand-daddy of the mall! Questions abound: will my head get any bigger? Will Predicted Winners get back on the right side of "100" and out of the place-of-shame behind the non-starters? Will more people get bored and quit? Check back at the end of June to find out!


Chad said...

"Will more people get bored and quit?"

Yes, probably.

hutch said...

Hey thanks Jeremy!
Wait, who is Marc Jacobs?

Jeremy said...

Question, chad: would USATF be better served to offer week-to-week prizes to keep interest high among people who have fallen off pace overall, but who could still win a weekly prize?

That's what the IAAF does, and that's what we're shooting for here.

Ben said...

wow, the hutch man coming through in the, well, the clutch in the second to last meet of the fantasy season.

Also, coming through in the clutch with the comments. "Jesse" has been riding high "best commenter - male" division for a while now, but the h-man has been given him a run for his money. "Finkle is Einhorn"?!?!?! Gets me. Every. Time.

Jesse said...

You might be on to something Ben. You could have a comment of the month/year type deal and let people vote on what they liked best. To the poster of the winning comment could go... a nice pat on the back?

Chad said...

Jeremy, I don't know if week-to-week prizes would help or not. I really wasn't doing it to win a prize.

Considering that I was mainly just guessing at names I didn't recognize and the results showed it, I figured why go through that again.