Friday, June 13, 2008

Fearless Predictions: Neptune Charlie Alpha Alpha Edition

Less Than Our Best is concerned with very little. One of those few interests is vaguely hinting that we have a big medium-sized at best announcement on the horizon. The other is acting like we have some expertise in predicting things. Here's a few things that will LITERALLY happen this weekend:

Professional American distance running is calming themselves for the most part as we head into the storm, but those chippy amateurs are going at it for the love of the sport in tracktown midwest this weekend. That is Drake, Iowa for those who've never been to the relays. If only everyone was doing it for the love of the sport...

Regardless, here's a breakdown of how I see the weekend going:

NCAA Champs.

800 - Probably the most anticipated final of the championship with Oregon wunderkid Andrew Wheating taking on the Texas two-step of Jacob Hernandez. Since this is essentially the first year of Vinny's reign of dominance on college mid and long distance running, The Wheat-man (cool nickname) will win after Hernandez carries the pace.

1500 - Some say it's impossible for Leo Manzona to lose the 1500 at this year's NCAA championships. Those same people said it was impossible for me to ever touch a boob. I think you see where I'm going with this.

3000Steeple - It's worth it to note that there is an athlete in the finals of the steeplechase this year with my favorite name of all time. Barnabas? Hillary? Carl? No, Tibor. Such a strong Austro-Hungarian name is due only to a man with a lot of chest hair and questionable deodorant applying skills. Mr. Vegh, please don't dissappoint. Um....I gues Peter Kosgei'll probably win.

5000 - Colorado has three guys in this final, one of which is the favorite and another who has a legitimate shot if the early pace is slow. Wetmore, how can you be so good and yet continue to sport that ponymale (you prefer mantail maybe?)? I just don't get it, ponytails on men are phases, they are not to be embraced by a guru such as yourself. Unless, one is the guru of denim jackets, that guy needs to have a ponytail to get the gig. Anyway, Bobby Curtis is going to beat Vaughn over the last 200 meters to win it.

10,000 - I got Songkok.

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Jeremy said...

So Russell Brown FTW, then?