Monday, June 2, 2008

LTOB "USATF Pick-N-Win Contest" Contest Results: RBK GP

So... that was some meet. We had only sporadic rain, a near WR in the pole vault, and a couple of pretty impressive 5k's. So, not a bad night of track. Of course, my stomach was tied in knots all evening, as I was at the venue and, thus, unable to check my scores after each event. (I really need to invest in one of those computer-phone things with the Internet and everything. What are those called? The "Zune"?)

But now I've had a chance to check the scores, and I've compiled the results... which you can view, after the jump.

EAT IT AMERICA. Poonia pulled out (Ben said he didn't even know that was physically possible) and I still won. And you might think I'm glad we don't need to give out a prize now, but no: I'm keeping the would-be prize for myself.

PTS - place in USATF contest in parentheses - Overall place in USATF contest, after entry name
144 (111) - GivingLess (66)
128 (293) - Four Toes (105)
126 (317) - Running Down a Dream
126 (317) - Sulphur Springs
114 (513) - Optimal Training
114 (513) -
104 (649) - Columbia, SC Runner
n/a (n/a) - Simon Says
93 (763) - Predicted Winners

People have been congratulating me all weekend, and telling me how impressively I stuck it to "katie," and asking How did you do it? Well, all I can say is, you would be surprised how easy it is to slip laxative into athletes' water bottles when you bring along your hot cousin who isn't afraid to show a little cleavage. With a mirror wedged in there to shine a light in their eyes.

I'm now officially planning to attend the Pre Classic, so I can once again ensure my supremacy.


Jesse said...

Not last place!

bryan said...

6 of my picks pulled out? 6? Is that even possible without foul play involved. And one of them is my damn friend! Well, former friend.

katie said...

If I knew your phone number I would have left you a voice message to concede this leg of the race. "You'll be a big asset come November," I would have said. ...

In the meantime I will be fighting behind your back to get Allyson Felix reinstated as the winner in the women's 100m (she really *should* have been at least 2nd), and Liu Xiang seated as the honorary winner of the 100HH (he IS the world record holder, afterall).

Its only fair.