Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Goucher News. YAAAYYY!

It might seem that I spend an inordinate amount of time talking about Adam and Kara Goucher, which I do. But hey, they seem to be in the news more than anyone else and one of them is really pretty (it's not that you're ugly Adam, just not what I would call "pretty").

Two interesting bits of news were revealed about the running couple at yesterday: 1. Kara is racing the 5000 this weekend at the Pre Classic and 2. Adam is reportedly planning to race the 5000 AND the 10,000 at the Olympic trials in a few weeks.

Kara will be given the chance to improve her 14:55 PR in a loaded field that includes Meseret Defar, who made it clear that she is in shape and going for the 5k world record on Sunday.

Adam. Racing the 5k AND 10k at the trials?! Hhmm, curious. Has not raced in God knows how long, and he's gonna double up (triple with prelims) at the trials? AlSal, where are you going with this?

My guess is either NBC put an "and" where and "or" should have been, or they think the competition in the 10k is weaker and he has a better shot at top 3 there, which is true. This will make the result of the 5k just icing on the cake. A wretchedly painful 12.5 laps worth of icing. I like the idea, it's just ironic that a runner known for not competing very much will be taking on that heinous double.

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bryan said...

Well, after he fails to qualify in the 10, he'll have to run the 5 to have any shot at all, right? He's just planning ahead...