Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wariner Breaks Heart of Hart's

(That title was so close to making sense. Maybe it actually does. I can't tell. I put it in there anyway.)

So Jeremy Wariner splits with his longtime coach over an alleged contract dispute, not a big deal. For those who wonder why or condemn J-dubs for this move, you have to realize how many Oakleys can be bought with 5% of the over 1 million dollars Wariner is set to make in this Olympic year. Enough to block out all the light on that sunny, mystical fairy land that you live on, that's how many.

As for the rest of us basking in the shade of a little thing called "reality," we realize that this is a perfectly understandable move on the Jub-man's part.

The coach, at least the coach of a professional athlete, is not an employee of the athlete who represents a cog in the production of a commodity. That might be the case in the minds of some delusional athletes and egotistical coaches, but the reality is athletes assume full responsibility for all of the physical labor that produces the performance on race day and race day's repercussions.

The coach is brought in as a consultant. A pretty well paid consultant I must say, as Hart was apparently making around $100,000 annually on J-dawg alone. Not to mention the other athletes he coaches and his Baylor salary. The consultant's duty, usually, is to advise on the best way to use the resources in place (JD's talent, work ethic, etc.) to make the best possible end product (Olympic medals, World Records, etc.). Once the consultant has been around long enough, the company needs less and less consulting.

Hart consulted very well, but just like any company, Daddy Warbucks Inc. decided the advice he had been hearing from his consultant for the past 6 or so years was no longer worth all of those Oakleys (new slang for cash).

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