Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Best Movies of 2007: Oh, You Gandered!

Because the month of January sucks at running, I'm boycotting the sport for the coming weeks, and placing my allegiances squarely with Hollywood, for whom January is a font of delicious goodness, like one of those chocolate fountains you'll see at wedding receptions and the occasional Sweet Sixteen. Below I document my journey through the Best Movies of 2007 in preparation for the Oscars...

A macabre, throat-slashing musical. Tim Burton -- the mad-scientist genius (on his good days) who might be most apt to adapt it -- helming, and working with his two primary muses: Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Does that result in a perfect storm and a near-perfect movie, or a let-down thanks to expectation? Find out after the jump.

SWEENEY TODD, dir. Tim Burton

Perhaps the only thing worse than a terrible movie, is a movie musical made with no imagination. For a good 30-minute stretch I sat there thinking, My god, they had no plan going into this. They just booked Johnny Depp, grabbed a copy of the stage script and rented a camera. Here is proof positive that movies are boring not because of lacking plot, but because of lacking inspiration. Boo this movie.

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