Thursday, January 31, 2008

Huggins leaves Cincinnati, Emerges as Mannish Lesbian Stereotype

One half of LTOB really likes Bearcat Basketball. This year, that one half has been treated to a super competitive first half of Big East games. But that is beside the point.

The point is this picture to the right (click on picture to maximize), specifically the man in this picture and, even more specifically, the absurd excuse for an outfit that he is wearing.

There was a time when I was upset that Bob Huggins left the University of Cincinnati. Now that Cincy is winning again (killing Huggins' mountaineers in WV in the process) and Huggins has apparently fallen in a bit too deep with the Golden Lion crowd, I really don't mind seeing him in another team's colors.

**Author's Note: I realize this is not running related in the least, but it sure is funny to look at that picture.

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Jeremy said...

Scratch "Mannish" from post title. Redundancy.