Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jeremy: Brown Baggin' It Over to Runnerville

Runnerville is a mystical place.

On the other side of the tracks from loserville and dangerously close to hoboville, Runnerville is the place where all of us runners love to go. Where the streets are paved with soft, golden wood chips and lined by hot chicks with an inclination to emaciation. Its a place where there are mile markers in every direction and wild allegations from anonymous screen names are as credible as the New York Times (er...).

Some say runnerville only exists in dreams and fantasies and Tuesday afternoon LSD trips. Those people are right, of course, but now it exists in the real fake second life that we like to call the internet.

The newest Matt Taylor creation launched today and it looks very promising. Ever since I stole one of my teammate's login information to Chasing Tradition, I knew this Matt Taylor guy had something (don't worry, I bought a subscription eventually, I was going through one of my many hippy phases).

The site looks good so far mainly because all of the distance running media players are in the line-up, including everyone's favorite daywalker, Less Than Our Best's own: Jeremy, who has a great bit on the legitimacy of NCAA cross.

The podcast idea is the main innovation on the site. I like the idea of being able to download something quick (the first one was 16 minutes long) or listen to it while I am working on my computer.

The best part about the podcast is how much is packed into the 16 minutes. It is probably very tempting for Matt to "Flotrack it" and have the Texas state 300 meter champion talk about his summer training for a half an hour, but he gets 7 very credible running authorities and Jeremy to boil it down to 2 good minutes each. Because there is no long wind and because we get an earfull of that booming, yet gentle, Tony Reavis voice at the end, it stays interesting throughout.

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