Wednesday, January 16, 2008

But How Many Texts Does That Include?

An interesting glimpse into Marion Jones' new life, courtesy Athletics in the News [ found through the Track & Field Superblog ]. One thing jumped out at me:
The phone is 300 minutes/months for $69...
That's about what I pay for my cell phone each month! With free nights and weekends! I mean, I know prison isn't guaranteed to be "fair" and is supposed to be a "punishment" and that you "can't come out for dinner" until you've "thought about what you did." But with that $69, she's not even going to get fun downloads like wallpapers and ringtones since those 300 minutes probably come on a LAN line. A freaking LAN line! I didn't know your jail sentence came with a free trip back to the early 1990's.

Let's be reasonable. Marion Jones may be a dirty, dirty liar, but it's not like she killed anyone. You can at least hook a broad up with a little "BeJeweled."

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