Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Like We're Supposed to Believe THAT!

Paulie Bleeker.... tsk tsk tsk.

Recently, Amby Burfoot blogged about enjoying the running scenes in the movie Juno, a film reviewed rather credibly here. Well, it's taken me a few days to comment on the treatment of high school track in the film, but I must say... running clockwise? In lane 2? In matching outfits at all times? With wristbands? Mr. Bleeker, Daniel Lincoln you are not. I mean, in one of the movie's final scenes, Paulie wins what is clearly a Mid-D or distance race, but when he climbs into the hospital bed with the titular character (no, not that kind of character) [SPOILER ALERT] he is clearly wearing low-rent sprint spikes.

Now THAT was the final straw. Sure, his shorts were accurately short - to the point that during one scene, I'm pretty sure I saw the edge of Michael Cera's scrotum (which is, undoubtedly, the funniest scrotum on Earth - I refuse to hear any debate on the matter). But no one good enough to win a mid-D event at his conference championship - I don't care how small the division remote the county - would have spikes like that. MAYBE the JV race at the conference championships. I'm sorry. Totally ruined the movie for me.

Michael Cera, at life? "A." Juno's Running Consultant? F+.

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