Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Willis Gets Married, Looks Relaxed, Easy

Yeah you've probably already seen the pictures, but I thought I'd weigh in: big thumbs up on the suits in lieu of tuxes. Thumbs up on the fit of the suit on Willis. Meh on the boutonnieres, which are borderline out-of-hand in size. Meh on the brown with the red - a nice harvest pink* would have worked better with the chocolate dress, but since the red was probably picked first, may we suggest something lighter, say summer oak* instead?

More importantly, the results from Willis' wedding don't tell the whole story - did you see how easy he looked doing it? He just looked so relaxed and so strong late, that you have to figure that's worth a couple more years on their married lives, at least. The numbers might not have been as good as maybe someone else's wedding, but that shouldn't discount how effortless Willis looked.

* colors may or may not have been made up

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Adeel Ahmad said...

You forgot to mention that it's pretty early in the New Zealand summer to be getting married. If Willis had gotten married around December/January, he would've looked that much better