Friday, October 19, 2007

10/16 Poll: All Shook Up

Lots of new faces in the new national poll (w. Pre-Nats finish):

t8. Cal (3b)
17. Tulsa (6b)
26. BYU (11b)
30. Florida (14w)

Other big jumps:
2. NAU (1b d. Iona, prev. 15th)
3. UTEP (1w d. Buffs, prev. 20th)
11. Virginia (4b, prev. 29th)

And over in the regional polls, Florida State is our only sandwich team, making a strong case to be The Honorary #31. Sure, why not. And, finally, in case you didn't notice, they have Colorado needing an at-large bid to get to Nationals behind NAU and UTEP. Hahahahaha.

[photo from Trackshark]

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Jeremy said...

For what it's worth, yes, I hate myself so much for, I guess you could say, "going there" and using that picture.