Friday, October 12, 2007

Aren't There Other Meets Going On This Weekend?

And the answer is, no, there are actually no other meets going on other than Pre-Nats. Oklahoma State is not attending Chili Pepper this year so, yawn. And Great American actually CANCELLED its college races this season, due, probably, to the fact that no teams worth mentioning would have come. While we're on the subject, the high school races over at Great American have really slipped, huh? I just feel like those first couple years it was super-stacked and much bally-hooed, and the excitement has steadily worn off and it's been kidding itself ever since 2002. Maybe the rise of other interregional uber-meets around the country have diminished the anticipation and thus the meet's luster, too. Also, I used to walk to school uphill in the snow. But seriously, they'll let just about any team into the so-called Race of Champions now - I mean, even Long Island's St. Anthony's and Kellenberg are competing there this weekend.

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