Monday, October 15, 2007

The Weekend That Was: Pre-Nationals

bjw... tall, wiry, reasonably handsome when I squint my bad eye, and... prophetic? His earlier post about times at Pre-Nats certainly framed the major story of the weekend. This time around, breaking 25:00 got you 148th place in the Blue race [ind, team]. 156th in the White race. 17th in the Open. 24:59... #1 in your parents' hearts, #321 - and counting - in the nation. Searing times at Pre-Nats highlighted the Weekend That Was. More after the jump.

McDougal clocked a 23:12 to set the course record at last year's Pre-Nats. That is very, very fast. Lopez Lomong took down that record in the Blue Race and smiled: 23:02. But 23:02 was the new 23:12 for just a short while, as McDougal ran 22:56 in the White Race to reclaim his record, screaming "That's mine, bitch" as he crossed the line*. The immediate question is, how is this course not short? But, as a Championship course that is cut into the grass and marked year-round, it's not subject to the accidental shortening that could take place year to year like you might see at your run-of-the-mill high school invitational. Apparently conditions were just that perfect on Saturday. It makes you wonder - what could Bekele or Tadesse have run on on Saturday? 20:43? 16:12?

-- McDougal, obvi, but even more so, Lomong. Just sick, sick range.
-- "Robert" Curtis & Jacob Korir. Also cracked the old CR.
-- NAU. You have to like any team with a guy named "Morten Bostrom."
-- Pifer/Vaughn. But the Buffs still need a 5th. Pannone looked good in the Open, but, based on his time alone, he wouldn't have been the answer Saturday.

You May Have Missed:
-- UVA looked really nice. And Kevin T-Shirt ran 5 of the 8 Open Kilometers in 15:36, just a bit behind the lead-pack, before dropping out. Late-season secret weapon?
-- Bethke 24:17 to win the Open. Him, plus Eagon, and Wisco looks good, but hardly a clear favorite.
-- Chile: Arkansas 47, Abilene 74. Strang 30:11 in the Open would have him right up with Forrest.
-- PSU National: LaSalle wins over Oklahoma and Penn State, 62-88-120.
-- Georgetown perfect in JV meet at Princeton. High Fives all around, guys!

Finally, Iona missed Matt Kiplagat SORELY. An awesome showing by it's pack (4 in the top 18), but, regarding that #5 man, 88th at Pre-Nats = getting buried at Nat-Nats.

*Quote may or may not be fabricated.

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